Sept[M]ember FAQ's

Q: What is the Sept[M]ember Promotion?

A: The GPAA is celebrating our founder's birthday all September long (Extended through Oct. 2, 2022) with the largest gold giveaway in our 54 year history. Over $100k worth of gold is up for grabs including dozens of ounces of gold in paydirt, and more than 60 gold nuggets.

Q: How can I participate?

A: There are three ways to participate. 1. Join GPAA for one year and get a free GPAA Training Paydirt Bag. 2. Renew your GPAA Membership for at least one year and get a free GPAA Training Paydirt Bag. *Upgrade your free training bag to 3x more gold for just $25 more. 3. Become a GPAA Lifetime Member and get a free GPAA Paydirt Can ($500 retail value).

Q: What about the Nuggets? How do I get those?

A: Everyday in September, one lucky GPAA Paydirt Bag will contain a 2-4 gram gold nugget, and one GPAA Paydirt Can will contain a 6-8 gram gold nugget. So join, renew or upgrade to Gold Life and your free paydirt could contain a nugget!

Q: How do I know if my paydirt has the gold nugget?

A: We will be announcing the bonus gold recipients by email daily. Check your email and see if your name is on the list. Or wait until you pan out your paydirt to see if there is a surprise nugget in your pan.

Q: Do I qualify on the date of my purchase?

A: For GPAA Memberships and Renewals, you will qualify for the bonus gold on the date of your purchase and if you are the recipient, you will see your name on the following day's email announcement. For Lifetime, you will qualify on the date in which you submit your ID verification and agree to the terms and conditions.

Q: Can I qualify more than once?

A: Sure! You can join today and renew everyday this month if you'd like. With each renewal, we will extend out your membership end date.

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