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Gold Prospectors Paydirt

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Our largest paydirt offering to date, the new Gold Prospectors Paydirt contains enough gold to satisfy even the most experienced prospector's case of Gold Fever.

Products are typically shipped from our warehouse within 1-2 business days. Paydirt Subscription products are shipped around the beginning of every month.

Once shipped, paydirt bags and other items containing gold cannot be returned or refunded. Please contact us prior to shipment if you wish to cancel your order.

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Customer Reviews

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Dennis P. (Roseville, US)
5 nice pickers and plenty of fines

Just got my 200 dollar can of pay dirt. Was happy with the fines I was finding (I pan about 3 or 4 tablespoons full at a time so it took a few hours to complete the can)... 40+ years of prospecting and have had few times when a full day at the river gave me this much gold in my pan. On the last few portions of pay dirt, there was a total of 5 pickers too large to go up my snuffer bottle. Flat, but nice sized pickers. I do the monthly subscription to the get the pay dirt bag for $50/mo. And I do a set of training bags once in a while that I give to my 8 year old granddaughter who loves panning too. This isn't about getting rich, it is about spending some relaxing time once in a while to help clear the mind a bit. Works every time for me. Thanks, and will be getting one of these cans every so often... as far as ROI per can, I feel it was well worth the $200 (better than most of my trips to the casino I might add)

Lawrence N.
A gift that was appreciated by the recipient

My wife has always preferred crocheting to panning. After panning this can of paydirt, she has agreed to to come with me and try panning in a stream. There was nothing impressively large, just small stuff. But there was a lot of that yellow small stuff.

e.v. (Franklin, US)
As expected

I'm not sure why there are bad reviews of this product. But then I realize it's not on this page with the roi on each container. I believe they guarantee 40% roi. And 1 in 25 bags is a bonus bag. I received about 60% roi. It's a quality product and if your lucky enough to get the bonus bag then you're doing really well. This is not a product where you make your money back its a product to get you dirt at home to pan. You have to pay for someone else's time and gas and labor to go get the dirt and gold. If they have everyone more gold than they would go broke. Hope people realize this. Thank you gpaa for awesome paydirt and claims to mine!

Michael E.E. (Mount Vernon, US)
old miner

I've mined enough to figure out it is cheaper to buy gold in dirt than to pay gas to get to a claim and gas to run the equipment and food for camping etc. You are not going to get $200 worth of gold. If you want that, buy a coin. You still pay a spread. Enjoy the process, in your yard or on a claim. Unless you have very rich ground, you are not making a profit. How much does it cost for the deer or fish you catch? Why do you keep doing it? Because you like to do it, not to make fiscal sense.

Robert A.R. (Midland, US)
Not nothing

It sucked there was hardly any gold in it. Very disappointing

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Hard work and playing in dirt... Love it!!!!!


5 star fun and plenty of places to go!


The greatest bunch of (gold bug bitten) people in this world!


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I'm a new member of GPAA and I love it.


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