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An open invitation for GPAA members to meet up and prospect on GPAA claims across the country. These events are free for GPAA Members & Guests. Keep scrolling for more info ⬇️

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Prospecting for Gold on GPAA Claims

Understanding how to prospect any GPAA claim is your key to success. There are time tested, proven methods to prospecting that members are learning with each Gold Trails get togethers.

By being a part of any Gold Trails event with Kevin on GPAA claims you will leave with an experience and knowledge that you can take with you to use on all claims, no matter where your prospecting takes you. From water prospecting to deserts, gold doesn’t care where it is, you just have to know how to find it. And that is the core of Kevin’s Gold Trails.  

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Curious to experience the fun of a Gold Trails get-together? Check out some of Kevin's Gold Trails videos and stay in the loop by subscribing to the official Gold Prospectors Association of America YouTube channel.


Kevin, with over half a century of global experience, is a seasoned prospector and miner. Recognizing the value of education over mere execution early in his career, he committed himself to this mission. His dedication to training has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous gold prospectors and mining operations. His belief remains steadfast: Anyone with a desire to thrive in the gold industry should be equipped with the necessary knowledge.

The events are free to attend for anyone interested in learning how to prospect for gold.

Spend some time reviewing other GPAA member reviews on the get togethers that you are going to attend by utilizing the online property guide here, Learn a little bit about the area and mostly show up with an open mind and a desire to become a better prospector and willing to pay it forward. We will reach out to you prior to the event with meet-up details and everything else you need to know to be prepared.

Don’t forget your basics…. Bucket, pan, shovel, scoop, crevice tools or picks, classifier and a snuffer bottle. We will be putting together more final details closer to the date of the event that you choose, and you will be notified via email. 

Most GPAA claims are located on BLM land, which is generally open to dispersed camping for up to 14 days at a time.

Absolutely, gold has no idea where it is and the force that moves it. Prospecting and then mining is truly about learning how to see, not look at the ground differently.

Our founder George “Buzzard” Massie said to Kevin and a small group of GPAA Members, “There are three things that I want you to always make sure that you are doing, 1 make sure that our members always have a place to prospecting, 2 do everything in you power to help keep members informed and 3 (the most important to Kevin) is that at all times the GPAA is about Members helping Members to become better Prospectors”.

All of the GPAA Gold Trails videos along with hours upon hours of GPAA content can be found on the Gold Prospectors Association of America YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/@GoldProspectors

Check Back For Updates

We are in the middle of planning future Gold Trails events. Bookmark this page and check back for updates. We will also email event updates as they come in. In the meantime, you can check out events on our LDMA properties here: myldma.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
S.S. (Peoria, US)
My first nugget!

I showed up on day 2 never having found a nugget yet. After much guidance from Kevin and just learning how to use my machine properly I found my first gold nugget! Such an exhilarating amazing experience I’ll never forget! Met some really cool people as well!

Dale W. (Los Angeles, US)
Best Event I have Attended

I want to extend a great Thank you to Kevin and staff involved. I basically attended a master class in prospecting and enjoyed it so much I stayed for a second event. The members that attended were all enthusiastic and super friendly. I will recommend this program to any member I meet and have already encouraged people to attend.
Thanks, Dale Warren

Jeff S. (San Diego, US)
I did not attend this meet-up I will be at the next one

Wasn't there

Stephen J.
Vulture bait with Kevin Hogan

What an excellent opportunity to work with Kevin and Bill the help that they gave and was able to give was extremely helpful in being more successful with the different types of metal detectors overall just a great time

Floyd S. (Dallas, US)
Worth every minute!

Me and my wife Mendy attended the Vulture Bait meetup. Kevin and Bill are Top notch in there skills. Extremely effective teachers. Communication is off the chart. There goal is to have you leave the meetup with confidence in your new skills and detector. That absolutely happened for us.
They almost beg you to throw question's at them. Even if you are not all into detecting, they go over some area history, & geology, that applies to any type of prospecting. They make the whole learning process fun and serious. There was a lot of laughter and smiles and family like atmosphere. No matter your skill level you will come away from the event with more knowledge and refined skills and new friends then when you arrived. And yes there where some high skilled attendees at the event, 4 or 5000 dollar machines. But I want to stress this point. Not once did anyone ever make any person feel intimidated for a lack of basic knowledge, Every question was answered. And it was very informative to here some of the more knowledgable attendees ask questions I would had never thought of asking and the responses they received. Like I said before it was very much a family like atmosphere.
If you are on the fence about attending one of these events, I assure you that you are missing out on so much knowledge and hands on training. You can read books with great detail into the subjects of geology and detecting, but there is nothing like having hands on training from Kevin whos history in detectors and geology is so rich and learned through his own hands on training. Bill Southern (Nugget Shooter) who has as well a rich hands on history finding gold with detectors and geology. When they pickup a rock off the ground and hand it to you & describe it, or point up to a mountain and describe how it up lifted or How to rub the coil on the ground with not to much pressure but just enough and help you to do it. You cant get that from a book, you cant get that over a phone, and maybe somewhat a video, but here in the field you can follow up with questions. I thought I knew about detecting for gold because I detect for coins and am successful at it. During the training I found out I did not know nearly as much as I thought. Matter of fact I have been using completely wrong tactics and skills to find gold. Treasure hunting and locating gold require completely different techniques. During the second day when we put coils in the ground, I found a small gold nugget. Supposedly I was supposed to have the first gold nugget shakes, but I was to shocked that I found one and realizing that everything i thought i Knew was just proved wrong sonI just kinda sat there with it in my hand thinking I wish I had known these tactics years ago. The next day I found a nugget in my tailings pile. The next day after digging some lead and bits of metal out of my days tailing pile I found another nugget. So just how many nuggets Have I thrown back in the hole in the 7 years of dry washing and detecting all my tailings piles with bad detecting knowledge. I found 2 in 2 days that is huge amount of gold that I have been throwing away becouse I THOUGHT I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING.
Please do yourself a favor sign up and take the free opportunity to learn from a couple masters of detecting gold. Then pass that knowledge on to other members and grand kids and your family. After the course if you are all in on absorbing what Kevin & Bill have to offer, then you will leave confident in yourself and your detector and the ground you choose to detect in. And when you pass the right data down to others you will know you are sharing good and tried and true data.
Ohhh yeah Heads up, if you attend and when they release you into the field to detect. Please keep that coil on the ground scratching around, Kevin has hearing for a coil scratching around just like a hound can smell blood from a mile away. Your coil is off the ground you are going to hear. (GET THAT COIL ON THE GROUND) coming from somewhere out there on the mountain.
Your going to have some great memories. Sign up and go!!!!

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Are you looking to join a "meet up" hosted by GPAA's Kevin Hoagland? Look no further! Our members can attend these events free of charge. Let us know which event you'll be joining by sending an email to KevinsGoldTrail@goldprospectors.org. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Have some fun and
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Kevin has been prospecting for gold since his childhood. With decades of experience perfecting the craft, he knows all the tips and tricks to strike a rich deposit and make it count. If you want to learn from one of the best, go out on the gold trail with Kevin and benefit from his years of hard-earned wisdom.