Three R 2 & Eagle Rock Events Rescheduled

Three R 2 & Eagle Rock Events Rescheduled

GPAA Gold Prospectors, 

Kevin here. I want to first thank all of you for showing up for my 2023 Gold Trails to date and all of the positive feedback!  

I have to make a couple of reschedules for the upcoming get togethers due to ongoing winter weather conditions and more importantly, member safety.  

I have rescheduled the THREE R 2 in Eldorado County California to June 10th. Boots on the ground members have reported that as of 4/11/23 that the paved section is somewhat cleared, and all dirt roads are impassable due to 2+ feet of snow and a great deal of trees continually falling and there is no ETA for clearing the roads to allow ingress to the claim.  

I have also rescheduled the EAGLE ROCK in Mineral County Montana until August 18th & 19th. I had a conversation with USFS officials in Missoula and Superior Montana on 4/10/23 and both agreed that enough snow melt in that area to allow safe access would be June at the earliest. Their greatest concern now is either to cold and more storms or warming too fast that the creeks become raging rivers from a fast snow melt. Either one put us in a predicament that I would rather avoid.   

I want to get out on the gold with you, but I will not knowingly endanger you. I feel like the original schedule would be me telling you, “It’s okay to jump in the water, I only see two sharks”. 



  • Wayne Harwood

    As of June, the road was clear. I am going out the end of july. The water should be down.

  • Brad Ward

    Is there a clearer date for the three R 2 El Dorado CA

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