LDMA Members Only

2023 Collectors Kit & Season Pass

Includes access to all 2023 LDMA Dirt Parties & Detector Hunts

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Limited Availability

The 2023 LDMA Members Only Collectors Kit & Season Pass will be highly sought-after, with only 200 available! Each kit and season pass is individually numbered to ensure that your pass number is unique and will stay with you for the duration of future seasons.

2023 LDMA
Membership Card

This one-of-a-kind LDMA Membership Card gets you access to all 2023 LDMA Dirt Parties & Detector Hunts

2023 LDMA
Yeti® Tumbler

Perfect for hot drinks on cold mornings or cold drinks on hot afternoons while digging dirt at your favorite LDMA camp, this limited edition LDMA Yeti® Tumbler is included with your 2023 LDMA Collectors Kit. Your Yeti® comes personalized with your unique season pass number engraved on the bottom. What's yours is yours!

2023 LDMA
Personalized Pin

Only 200 LDMA Collectors Kit & Season Passes will be sold for the 2023 season. Your Season Pass number will be engraved on your one-of-a-kind enamel pin.

2023 LDMA
Patch & Patch Hat

Once they're gone, they are gone! Get one of 200 2023 LDMA Patch Hats, with an extra patch to sew on to your favorite jacket (or anywhere else!).

2023 LDMA
Personalized Name Badge

Swap out your current LDMA name badge, with this limited edition 2023 Season Pass badge, with your engraved season pass number under your name. Name badges can be customized with full name, first name, or even a nickname. Only available to 2023 LDMA Collectors Kit & Season Pass holders.

Join Us At Any and All

2023 Dirt Parties and Detector Hunts

As a 2023 LDMA Collectors Kit & Season Pass Holder, you can participate at any and all 2023 LDMA Dirt Parties and Detector Hunts at no additional cost* (Valued at up to $150 per event)


The first half of the 2023 LDMA event schedule has been posted here. For the full event schedule, please call (888) 465-3717 and we will email you a copy.

After ordering your 2023 LDMA Collectors Kit & Season Pass, we will refund back the portion of your past Dirt Party and Detector Hunt registration(s) up to $450.

The cost is $450. This includes the collectors kit of items displayed above, as well as access to any and all 2023 LDMA Dirt Parties & Detector Hunts. Registration for events still required.