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Upcoming GreyBack out in New Mexico.

Looking forward to hanging out with Kevin and picking his brain. I always learn something from him.

GPAA Annual Membership - Spring 23
JAMES T. (Nelson, US)

I've always wanted to be apart of a group that has claims I can go to thanks very much appreciated

Gold Claw Panning Kit
William b. (Charlotte, US)
Gold pan

Not too bad you have to kind of get used to it


Just what I needed and great price

Not impressed

The black plastic ring got stuck on one of the plastic jars on third or fourth time of use. Now it doesn't work as designed. The screens seems to be of good quality and all are labeled for easy use(only reason for 3 stars)

Gold kits

Combining both 1/2 and 1/4 inch into one makes this the ideal kit for beginners and veteran gold miners, it makes it so much simpler and a lot fun.

GPAA Mini Sluice Concentrator
Stephen P. (Pickens, US)
Excellent tool

This mini sluice is great for running as a recirculater and running cons or even bags of Paydirt. It captures the gold as soon as it hit the mat.

GPAA Golden Dirt Bag
Lorraine S. (Denver, US)
Review of GPAA Golden Dirt Bag with 2 Sample Bags

I was enjoyed and excited to see what I might find when I panned these 3 bags of pay dirt. I found gold however, I was expecting to find at least one or two pickers. Then I ran the black sands on my water table and the outcome of all 3 bags is in the attached picture. Thanks for the experience.

1 Year Digital Magazine Subscription
MICHAEL M. (Milwaukie, US)
Interesting Reading

Being past the age where I can get out and actively prospect, I find the articles and photos bring back fond memories of time long gone.

GPAA Annual Membership
Jim A. (Sacramento, US)
Renew my membership

What a pleasant experience I had with Tamara renewing my membership! She was so competent and easy to work with. A definite asset!

GPAA Annual Membership
hard to renew

Had to send a check for renewal because I could not find a way to use a credit card online.
Not good

Getting lost

I wanted to check out Vulture Bait . I followed the directions in the booklet that was sent to me . I was on N Mine Rd when I came up on a wash. I drove down the wash but didn't see any signs indicating where I should turn. I got really frustrated & decided to turn around and drive 1 1/2 hrs back home rather than get lost.

2023 LDMA Collectors Kit and Season Pass

Fantastic! The mug us high quality, works extremly well. Low top comfortable cap also very well made. I will enjoy making more outings then I would have otherwise. Thank you!

GPAA Annual Membership
Jim C. (Fairbanks, US)
Confusing and had to call

There are two different sites to pay for membership, one offers military discount and the other did not and it was difficult to find. I ended up calling to get everything squared away.

Another issue was it did not register me to my local club and I had to call and get the squared away too.

The book is three years old and not up to date

The pay dirt was fun and more than I expected

Claim Meetup With Kevin Hoagland
Kevin B. (Sacramento, US)
The Bucks Still Lucky

Had a great time at the Lucky Buck outing!
Kevin Hoagland did a great job of teaching people about reading the river to find gold - he called it visual prospecting.
It was a gorgeous day, I met some great new people and the gold was good!

This is a great opportunity for GPAA members - don’t miss out on these outings!

Everything was right and great! Loved the hat and the coffee mug!!!

Too expensive. Not buying.

Too expensive, just go to yuba river.

Sidewinder Pick by Gold Cube
Paul S. (Phoenix, US)
Gold cube pick

So far its real tuff works great and will have years of service for shure

Perfect Kit

Everything in the kit had my correct name, member & pass numbers. Like the hat! Love the Yeti mug!

LDMA 2023 Collectors Kit & Season Pass
Gilbert C. (Tonopah, US)
Fun in the Desert

After receiving my 2023 Life Time Membership Kit. I dug thru the box and found all the goodies inside. I love the coffee mug, it looks great. I love the cap also and wonder if you can get more. The card it great too I tried to get to the Stanton Camp dirt party but fell to a bout with gout that weekend. Have to try again. I am planning on going to Oregon this summer to my old stomping grounds and check some places out.

Claim Meetup With Kevin Hoagland
Adam M. (Hamilton, US)
Really looking forward to the meetup

Been looking to get into Trout Creek for a while I heard a long time ago that there is great gold up there. I knew the previous owner and she allowed me to go up there but unfortunately i was never able to go its good to see that the new owners opened this property for the GPAA

Sidewinder Pick by Gold Cube
Mike C. (Phoenix, US)
Happy days!!

I have not used it yet. The Sidewinder Pick is as strong as they say. The handle fits great in my hands. I can't wait to get out there and use it!

Kevin is a Wealth of Info!

I had a great time gold panning! I learned a lot!

GPAA Family Starter Kit
Dylan L. (Waverly, US)
Love the equipment great price

Was amazed with my nuggets that came with the order 10/10


Nice set of everything the cup is really nice.