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Gold Prospectors Home Kit
Hawk (Sebring, US)

It says $80.00 but then when you click on it to check it out it says $249.00 what up with that?

GPAA's Lucky Nugget Paydirt Subscription
Terry L. (Indianapolis, US)
Not received yet !

How do you expect a review when I've not received my products ?

Good job

It was better than I expected.

GPAA Sourdough Gold Paydirt Bag
charles c. (San Francisco, US)
Got Gold!

First time buyer, thought I'd give 'em a try...........So not too long ago I paid $127.00 for a 3# bag from another seller, only got 8 flakes of gold! Very disappointing, kind of cautious to try it again.........Decided to try a Sourdough was fun to pan because I saw gold right away and when I was done I weighed out 1.6 grams! I thought that was pretty good and I'll be back for more!

Poor amount of gold

It was the worst amount of gold I ever bought for $50. The gold weighted 3.1 grains ( not grams ) I will be canceling my monthly subscription.

Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe
edward r. (Gilbert, US)
Excellent customer service

Gold Cube has excellent customer service, when the Gold Cube was delivered I couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately, the pump was not in the box. After checking the box and gold cube, several times, I made the dreaded Customer Service call. The lady I spoke to, very nicely ask me to check under the bottom, because they tape the pump to the bottom of the Cube. I looked again and still no pump. Without any more questions she told me it would be shipped that day. Two days later the pump was delivered and I used it that day. Things don't always happen flawlessly, and she took care of it. Thank you Gold Cube Customer Service.
P.S. The Gold Cube works Great.

GPAA Golden Dirt Bag
Martin O. (Spring Hill, US)
Great specimen

There was.54 g of gold in my bag great ROI there I'll be purchasing two more immediately.

Purchased three medium bags at $100 each. Panned 1.74 grams total. Multiplied by $65.18 a gram yielded $113.41 or a 37.80 % return on the investment. I pan flower gold out of the Salmon River in Idaho, so not missing any flakes.

Auto Member Renewal Authorization
Michael P. (Barstow, US)
Renewal Options

Love that we can have this option for renewal. It will free up having to remember when I need to do it.

Gpaa membership

Its a must if u want to find some shinny great value and a whole lot of fun thanks gpaa

Had gold was great for a starter

Gold Cube Golden Rule Classifying System

Compact multi sieve classifier worked wonders cleaning up fine gold flakes. I screened a 12-gram bottle of assorted fines with some sand, black sand and dust in it. Cleaned it up very nicely. Sorting into mesh sizes from 8 to 70 made picking out contaminates easy. I will probably purchase another for dirtier clean ups. Want to keep this one clean for final clean up.

GPAA Basic Membership Annual
Becca L. (Madera, US)
Fast Delivery

I was surprised at how quickly the GPAA sent my membership cards and panning goodies! Looking forward to putting it all to use.

GPAA Family Membership Annual
Robert S. (Tulare, US)
GPAA is Awesome

I ordered the annual membership and the nugget bucket and I was shock to get my package so fast.I think my package arrived in like 2 days. I've ordered allot of thing's from other places and I've never gotten my packages so fast like that i didn't with my package form GPAA. I love the new nugget bucket. I can't wait to try it out. I just wish I had some type of transportation to get to these places now.

$25 pay dirt

Was very happy with my paydirt first I ever bought don't know if this is a good amount but I was happy with it

GPAA Training Paydirt Bag
Larry p. (Kansas City, US)
Practice practice practice

Was good to try and learn I was happy with it will be buying more

Gold Catcher Gold Pan 14"
John R. (Phoenix, US)
gold pan review

This 14 inch size and deep riffle size and quantity are the best in my opinion.
You have enough volume to make for a good test.

Gold Catcher Gold Pan 14"
DAVID H. (San Jose, US)
Best pan for fast work

Use a Brillo pad to clean off oils and scratch the surface before use.

Great gift for my grandson

Have not used yet.

Thank you

This is a follow up on my experience with GPAA. There was an issue with my order and Mr Miller promptly put my concerns at ease. He addressed my issue and myself, with the highest level of respect and customer care. Thank you GPAA and Mr. Miller!

Awesome items at a great value!

I recently purchased the Garrett NOKTA GOLD CUBE BUNDLE and I must say it is a great value for the money. I cannot wait for a little warmer weather to get outdoors and spend time with the family treasure hunting and especially getting the little ones involved with the Nokta Mini Hoard metal detector. Thank you Mr Miller and GPAA!

My first nugget!

I showed up on day 2 never having found a nugget yet. After much guidance from Kevin and just learning how to use my machine properly I found my first gold nugget! Such an exhilarating amazing experience I’ll never forget! Met some really cool people as well!

It’s a gold hitting mochine red Ryder!

GPAA Golden Dirt Bag
Tracy C. (Newdale, US)
Newbie panner

had a lot of fun. still learning to pan.