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Plush Donkey
Earl S. (Murrieta, US)

Great simple

Dickies GPAA Button Up Long Sleeve
Earl S. (Murrieta, US)

Love the shirt will have to buy more


It's easy online the only thing can't choose a chapter to be affiliated with but that's just a phone call away so its no big issue. This is my 1st time renewing membership got alot of good info from site about claims in area.

No nuggets in this bag. Wondering why if I am an LDMA member do I have to renew membership to get 55 year pin and other items. Just asking.

GPAA Basic Membership Renewal Annual
Sergio R. (San Carlos, US)
GPAA renewal

Excellent service, every time I call, I always get a friendly person to speak to. And I love the Sept-Member you guys do every year, this year w/my renewal I won a 1.66 gm nugget & last year I won a 4 gm nugget. I recommend GPAA to all miners. What ever you order, you get in a timely manner. Great club to be in, they do you right & have very knowledgeable staff.
Thank you, Serg

Gold nugget

The membership renewal package included a .083 ounce gold nugget.

Minimal gold, lots of dirt

There was a teeny tiny amount of gold in the small bag. Perhaps next time I will get lucky and get an augmented bag in my next months order.

Lucky Nugget Pay Dirt

I have had better luck with other pay dirt companies. Out of 3 bags of your pay dirt I did get .53 grams of gold. Not all that great of a deal.

Dickies GPAA Button Up Long Sleeve
Elliott S. (Walla Walla, US)

A very nice button up shirt, I wore it for a special occasion and received several compliments on it, perfect for all year round wear.

Rocks & Minerals Mining Kit
Mike M. (Chicago, US)
Kids had fun

They really enjoyed it

Paydirt Training Bag & Gold Pan
Douglas B. (Colorado Springs, US)
Awesome paydirt

Best paydirt out there.

GPAA Basic Membership Renewal Annual
Sherrie O. (Peyton, US)
Save Your Money

This was a waste of money. After renewing my membership, I was supposed to get three times the amount in my pay dirt. It was horrible. I will never buy this again. I will go and buy from the Arizona store. Will you actually get nuggets

Claim Meetup With Kevin Hoagland
Ridenhour (Phoenix, US)
Soldier boy and Double JJ

Looking forward to seeing you again and getting the chance to pick your brain on these wonderful claims.

Plush Donkey
Brad H.H. (Wickenburg, US)

Pleased with what I purchased is for the grand kids getting a start on holiday gifts

GPAA Basic Membership Renewal Annual
Bugsy p.4. (Los Angeles, US)

I still consider myself a novice prospected but I really enjoy the Gpaa for all of there claims I have been to about 10 locations so far and they have them all over the country I am based out of California and they have them in every gold bering county witch makes it so convenient knowing that your are in a place you are allowed to be. The member reviews are good information and let you know accessibility and their findings. So far just a little flower gold here and there but I know as I get better I will have better productivity, don’t think 90% of will get rich on these claims but great landscapes and fun destinations to visit and enjoy

Dickies GPAA Button Up Long Sleeve
Glenn H.M. (Watertown, US)
great fit and like the look of this design

I like the looks and the way this shirt fits me perfect

The golden rule, Rules!

Very compact, very good quality screens and the pro pack has 16 screen sizes. Also you can get plastic ice cream containers by the name of talenti that about triples the size of the containers and the thread size is the same. Overall a solid unit works very well.

Golden Dirt Bag Upgrade
Eric A. (Monroe, US)
Fun to search

I use the bags when it’s cold outside! Or when the Grandkids come over!

I don't typically write reviews but I was more than a little disappointed with this tool. It's unfortunate because I was really excited to get 1, but it's just not what I expected it to be. It bent so much on the very 1st crevice I used it on that I thought the handle was going to break off. I suppose it could be that sometimes I get a bit excited & 4get my own strength at times.... I will say though it didn't break, and for $20 I can't really complain too much. Also, it was shipped and arrived fairly quickly, so I still give the GPAA an A overall

Great Lucky Nugget paydirt bad

Finally a GREAT bag!
Having a Marvelous Day!!

Lucky nugget

Ahh its pretty cool its like going on a trip without going u get gold every time last time I got a 3x I believe

20oz Rock Pick Hammer
Michael M. (San Pedro, US)

Handle slipped off after first use.


Less than a gram, even if it was 2 I would have been able to make it add up

GPAA Basic Membership Monthly
Gordon (.V. (Tampa, US)

Haven't been able to use the pan yet but wS a member in the past and really enjoyed it. The books and pan I received are of good quality and I will definitely use them and they will last a very long time. Wish I could afford the 50th anniversary copper pan but who knows. I may hit it rich.

Go to scoop!

These scoops are great for moving concentrates, metal detecting and even test panning. Just ordered two more, as my 20 year old one is about worn out!!