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Grandchildren love the Shiney

It's so hard to find gifts for the kids of all ages and I have no problem they love the Shiney and learning how to pan!

GPAA Family Starter Kit
J.B. (Lead, US)
Cheaper than expected sluice

Most of the equipment seems good quality but the sluice is just hardware store crap ( PVC gutter with a end cap and a horribly drilled and threaded hole in it with some small rubber Hw store mat slapped in it). For the cost of this stuff Gpaa should really take the little bit of time to put up descent descriptions and pictures of all products so customers are not surprised with junk they didn't want.

new subscription

I sent in a new subscription on Jan17, but have yet to receive a magazine.

Golden Rule Classifier

This classification system makes panning out your cons a whole lot easier. The selection of screens in this system is outstanding , with every size you could want. Excellent idea !

Paydirt Training Bag & Gold Pan
jeffery b. (Ontario, US)
gold bag

nice gold but not much there

Paydirt Training Bag & Gold Pan
Mark D. (Hamilton, US)
First gold

It'll be Finn to find some gold when I finally open the bag. I just haven't had the time to get to it.

Classifier Bundle
Steve B. (Zillah, US)

I never got my free paydirt and pay dirt

GPAA Multi Year Membership Renewal
Allen W.J. (Jackson, US)
Renewing my membership, so easy!

I just renewed my GPAA membership for 3 years. The process was straight forward, fast, and easy. My new membership materials arrived quickly, sooner than I expected. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the cost savings, with a multi year renewal. Excited for three more years being a GPAA member, sincerely, Allen Jones, Sheridan Wyoming

GPAA Multi Year Membership Renewal
Nathaniel G.G. (Sacramento, US)
Great opportunity for fun

U see the great outdoors and find great adventures too go on and find gold and a lot of other things

Crisson Gem Box & GPAA Paydirt Bundle
Mathew F. (Longview, US)
Crisson gem box

Nice variety of gems, and sizes are nice too! Cool to get some bigger gem stones.

Gold Prospectors Paydirt
Frank F. (Abingdon, US)
Not satisfied as before

I joined the Life Time membership on September 13, 2022 and I received my package. It included a can of gold dirt and after panning it out I was very happy with the gold found. I decided to order another can during the promotion about gold added to your order if your name was picked. After receiving the can I panned it out and didn't find nearly the gold as before.

Crisson Gem Box & GPAA Paydirt Bundle
Bernie F. (Saint Joseph, US)

I don't know what happened but the box of "gems" I received, was nothing more than a box of quartz and gravel. I won't be making this mistake again. No wonder the GPAA is shutting down.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT
Kenneth M. (Colorado Springs, US)
Pro-Pointer AT speeds up locating the target

A rugged tool to pinpoint after the target is sensed with the detector. Used it in low light conditions. Made the hunt much quicker. Well worth the money. I don't hunt without it.

Kenneth, thank you for taking the time to review your Pro-Pointer AT. We're glad it's helping you be more efficient on your hunts! Best of luck out there!

GPAA Paydirt Gold Bag Bundle (All 3)
David M. (Kansas City, US)

Very nice

Gold Prospectors Paydirt
Gary S. (Pulaski, US)

For the 2grams of gold I think your ripping the members off for the price your charging I won’t buy this again

Simplified Birthdays and Christmas gifts for the grandchildren!

It's not hard to figure out what to get the grandchildren anymore! They all enjoy panning and are accumulating shiny!

Thanks Thomas for sharing your love for gold with the younger generation. Great to hear that they love the shiny as much as we do!

GPAA Renewal Special Offer
David D. (Ontario, US)
Not the same as it used to be

I've been a part time prospector for over 40 years. I've owned dredges up to 5", several highbankers, drywashers, hand sluices, and several gold metal detectors. So I'm not a novice.
I've been a member of GPAA off and on (mostly off for reasons I'll explain) for over 30 years. This is just my opinion.
In the past, the GPAA claims guide was as thick as a New York City phone book. Not now! A lot less claims are available. Maybe there's a reason? I don't know. I used to be able to go to claims within a reasonable driving distance for a one day outing, not anymore. Since I live in Kalifornia, I can't dredge, and high banking is restrictive. Just basically pan, metal detect, and maybe use a stream sluice or drywasher. My dredge and high banker remain idle unless I travel out of state. A real shame. While this is NOT GPAA's fault, it still does narrow the field.
Now that I'm retired I was looking forward to the Alaskan trip. They used to advertise it all the time, I guess that's been gone for several years. Too bad, I was looking forward to it.
While I still consider the GPAA a worthwhile organization, the fact is I can go on BLM land and prospect for free and closer to home. I find about the same amount of fine gold if you're willing to work for it. In fact, I've found more gold in the public or "open" areas in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains than on any GPAA claim that I've been to, at least in southern Kalifornia and Arizona. That doesn't seem right.
I'm not saying all of the properties because I'm sure there are still properties that are more pristine. But several in southern Kalifornia and Arizona that I've been to in the past are so full of trash metal detecting is just about impossible. It's one thing to dig hot rocks, an old boot nail, and bird shot thats to be expected and goes along with the territory. Quite another to make you feel as though you found the county dump. They never showed any of that on the old 'Gold Fever" shows.
While times and places change, it seems to me that unless you're willing to spend a lot of $$ on some kind of premium membership which will allow acess to theoretically better properties, drive long distances, spend a lot of $$ on expenses just to get there, I'm just not sure it's worth it to find a little, and I mean a little, color in your pan.
It's not the same as it used to be.

GPAA Annual Membership
Dion J. (Bismarck, US)

Very good experience, very helpful, have a small glitch going on with the bag I bought and the one I get for spending the 40$ will see how it gets handled but they were very very good at getting back to me once the time zones got figured out

Crisson Gem Box & GPAA Paydirt Bundle
George E. (McKenzie, US)
Grisson Gem Box, Pay Dirt Bundle.

I was well pleased, with the Grisson Gem Box. I bought it as a gift for my grand daughter. She was happy with it, so I am happy with it. The two things that I think could be better are, the wall mart zip lock bag didn't look professional, and the Gem identification chart was hard to read, a little blurred. Those are no deal breaker, and I'd buy it again. And recommend it to anyone.

GPAA Paydirt Gold Bag Bundle (All 3)
Joshua C. (Fontana, US)
Pay dirt bundle

Great entry level paydirt. Not to easy or hard.

Gold Prospecting

Enjoy the magazine and stories. Always watched the television programs years ago with the Massie Family on Gold Fever. They were very interesting to hear their stories and events in prospecting. Use to go panning in NC-SC-Georgia-OH area and out west at AZ-Calif.-Nevada. The magazine kept us updated to GPAA with Claims and Properties. Just going out in nature and panning was fun to do besides meeting new people that was interested in the hobby too. Enjoyed panning gold and searching for gem stones. Thank You George "Buzzard" sons and family for a wonderful hobby. Is the Massie family still involved in GPAA?

Gold Prospectors Paydirt
Dale S. (Los Angeles, US)
Golden Can

Good amount of gold in this golden can. I work a lot so I can't get out and prospect like I want to, so this keeps the gold fever alive.

Gold Prospectors Paydirt
Mark G. (Kellyville, US)
Fun Finding Gold

I bought 2 of these cans of paydirt. Each had gold in them, but not very much.
In my opinion, it is fun finding the gold, but you will not find enough to make your money back.
I few "picker" size pieces and a lot of fine gold.

GPAA Golden Dirt Bag
Doug S. (San Diego, US)

Purchased two bags at different times. Some flour and one little picker.

GPAA Golden Dirt Bag
Theodore E. (La Valle, US)
Sad to say

Bought quite a lot of gold dirt bags with very little gold in them even after panning twice or more. Kept praying I would get a gold nugget to represent WI. Never saw any WI. winners on list which I checked often.Been with GPAA when George started it while living in Houston. worked with Van Flossen and Jesse a lot with Houston Archeology club and Houston Gem and Mineral group. Panned gold in Azusa and Lynx Creek plus some in Co. Got more gold from Chicken ,Alaska and South Carolina gold.
I think GPAA should cancel Felix Paydirt; waste of money and time even on so called finds. Ripoff as far as I'm concerned. warned my GPAA Tomah bunch to stay away. Keep up the good work but put more gold in dirt bags or it's gonna hurt sales. FORDMANTED