Rediscover the Rush: Gold Fever with Tom Massie Now Streaming on Our YouTube Channel

Rediscover the Rush: Gold Fever with Tom Massie Now Streaming on Our YouTube Channel

The call of the wild, the thrill of discovery, and the shimmer of gold have beckoned adventurers and dreamers for centuries. At Gold Prospectors Association of America, we understand that passion because it's at the core of what we do and who we are. That's why we're excited to announce a treasure trove for gold prospecting enthusiasts — the classic episodes of Gold Fever with Tom Massie are now available on our YouTube channel @goldprospectors!

A Journey Through Time and Terrain

Gold Fever with Tom Massie isn't just a show; it's a chronicle of adventure, history, and the enduring spirit of gold prospecting. Each episode encapsulates the essence of the hunt for gold, from the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska to the rugged terrains of California’s gold country. Tom Massie, with his expertise and passion, guides us through techniques, tales, and the sheer joy of looking for that elusive yellow metal.

Featured Episodes to Start Your Adventure

To kick off your binge-watching gold rush, we’ve curated a list of must-watch episodes, each a gem sparkling with the excitement of discovery:

  1. The Return to the Stanislaus: In this Gold Fever episode produced in 2009 for Gold Prospectors Association of America and Outdoor Channel, Tom Massie and his daughter Shae revisit a golden hot spot in the California Motherlode to do some dredging. They visit the LDMA Italian Bar mining camp, and uncover some great stories, memories, and of course gold. Metal detecting, gold panning, and gold dredging techniques are used on the South Fork of the Stanislaus River. 
  2. Mile High Gold Dredging: Tom Massie tours the historic mining district of Fairplay Colorado, also known as South Park... Yes, that South Park. Things get a little risky as he climbs down more than 100 feet into the depths of the Phoenix Mine. He also tours the famous Argo Mine, visits Central City, then heads up near LDMA's Leadville property to do some freezing cold dredging for gold. This show features the exploration of gold mines. Never enter any abandoned gold mine. 
  3. Backyard Prospecting: Join Tom Massie in the 98th episode of Gold Fever as he reunites with his buddy Ralph Yager near Los Angeles to explore his exciting gold prospecting setup. Witness a gold bonanza that ignites Tom's quest for treasure in the culverts of the L.A. River. Don't miss this golden adventure! 🌟🔍 #GoldFever #TreasureHunt #LAProspecting 

Why Watch Gold Fever?

Whether you’re a seasoned prospector or new to the world of gold hunting, Gold Fever with Tom Massie offers invaluable insights, from practical tips on using the latest prospecting gear to inspirational stories of perseverance and discovery. Each episode not only educates but also entertains, imbuing viewers with a sense of wonder and excitement that comes with gold prospecting.

Join the GPAA Family

At Gold Prospectors Association of America, our mission is to equip you for your own adventures in prospecting. From the latest gear to memberships that grant you access to some of the most lucrative gold-bearing lands, we’re here to support your quest for gold.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel @goldprospectors to stay updated with classic episodes of Gold Fever and more content to fuel your prospecting dreams. Together, let’s keep the spirit of the hunt alive and thriving. Happy prospecting!

This blog post aims to rekindle the legendary gold-hunting adventures of Tom Massie and introduce a new generation of prospectors to the joys and thrills of searching for gold. By featuring these selected episodes, we hope to inspire, educate, and entertain our community, continuing the legacy of gold prospecting for years to come.

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