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The Nugget

The Mining Equipment Chain
The Mining Equipment Chain by Tom Massie I often see people getting excited about finding gold…catch the fever if you will. They watch a television show or someone shows them a big ol’ gnarly nugget. Then they want to find...
Stream Erosion, Transport, & Gold Deposits
Stream Erosion, Transport, & Gold Deposits By Jess Wilkinson aka Prospector Jess   Springtime is arguably one of the most exciting times to be a gold prospector. For most of the country, Mother Nature spent the last 5-6 months refreshing...
Meet GPAA Member Nick Cooper
I’m Nick Cooper, your local GPAA member and I’m right here San Diego, California. I’ve been a member since January 2020, and I was introduced to prospecting back when I lived in Indiana. I was a Wilderness Survival Scout for about 10 years, and on a trip with my wife and daughter, we noticed people were digging in the rivers. When they told me they were digging for gold, BOOM! I was instantly intrigued.
Field Test: The Garrett Axiom

Do you know that Garrett started the Australian gold rush in the late 1970s with the Garrett Groundhog, and that the Groundhog found the Hand of Faith nugget in Australia?

On the personal side, the Groundhog was the first commercial detector I ever bought and the first commercial detector I found gold with.

I was intrigued but also concerned that the Axiom wouldn’t be innovative enough to make it stand out as a high-level detector. Now, after a few months of using the Axiom detector, I will say that Garrett nailed It.

Exploring the Benefits of Gold Prospecting
Investing in gold is a great way to diversify your portfolio and reap the rewards of a valuable asset. However, if you’re looking for more of an adventure and an opportunity to get out and explore, then gold prospecting may...
Why Gold Prices Increase During Economic Downturns
Gold is often seen as a safe investment for times of economic uncertainty. The price of gold tends to increase when the stock market and other investments decline, making it an attractive option for those looking to diversify their existing...
What is the Relationship between Precious Metals and High Inflation?
In times of high inflation, investors often turn to precious metals as a hedge against potential losses. But what’s the relationship between precious metals and inflation? Is it possible for an investor to take advantage of the price action in...