A Golden Lifetime Dream Come True

A Golden Lifetime Dream Come True

Hello! Aaron Woodward, lifetime member here. I just wanted to share this photo with you and thank you for the inspiration to chase my gold dreams. It all started with a lifetime membership and a free Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Since then, pretty much all my gold dreams have come true. (not without some serious effort though).

While not all of this gold is from GPAA claims, the GPAA claims are where I started, how I learned to read topo maps, use coordinates, understand mineral claims, understand the geology of many areas and eventually that all lead me to “see what else is out there” on other ground. Somewhere along the way, I managed to find a pretty rich area. I will forever tell people about the GPAA and I ALWAYS recommend it as a starting point to anyone new to the hobby. Thanks again, from this fella who had some wild dreams and high hopes, but never actually thought he’d do this well.

Pictured is just some of the best gold I have found metal detecting, but not all of it as I’ve had to part with some to keep the dream alive. Total weight in that fancy GPAA copper lifetime pan is around 8 troy ounces. The largest nugget is 78.4 grams, or 2.52 troy ounces. The dream for me was to find a nugget over an ounce and this winter season in western Arizona, that dream came true when I found that nugget. I felt it only right to share my success story. 



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  • Jeffrey Johnston

    Wonderful testimonial and inspirational to this new detector and future prospector. May have to pull the trigger on this promotional pricing.

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